Uses for Wheatgrass


Our Wheatgrass is grown in trays and they are cut, which then can be juiced with either a juicer or a high-powered blender. For optimal grass juice, we harvest the wheatgrass when it is no more than 4-6 inches tall.

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Wheatgrass isn’t just for juicing or feeding to pets — it’s also an attractive plant when used as decor, especially when it’s a healthy, vivid green color. Wheatgrass can be purchased in small packages or flats from us, ready to be turned into a great decoration tool for our local florists.


In addition to fresh juice, wheatgrass can also be freeze-dried or dehydrated to make powders. Wheatgrass powder can be blended with water or added in by the spoonful to fresh juices and smoothies. You can also eat fresh our wheatgrass as is, by cutting the stalks.

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