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We only do one thing:  WHEATGRASS!!!

And we want to do it for you…   Monocot specializes in growning organic, pristine, FRESH, local wheatgrass for the Austin and Houston areas for juicing.

All seed is not alike. Some are more vigorous than others and can contain varying levels of sugars, glutens and other vital content.  We are careful to select and utilize the finest source materials to produce an end product that will deliver the highest levels of nutritional and health benefits.

Austin WheatGrassWheatgrass is serious nutrition and even referred to as medicine. It is extremely rich and concentrated. The taste is very sweet and potent, varying in intensity with the age of the grass. The older grass, after 10 days and approaching 8 inches tall is more mellow to use.

Reactions to the nutrient and energy concentration in wheatgrass vary from person to person. I experience a “shimmy” almost every time I use 2 ounces or more and will experience a hair standing on end energetic effect for a minute or so afterwards. Both my wife and myself wince when we see the other coming with the daily dose but experience has proven that we both need it. We don’t buy insurance or get sick and need the energy to keep up with children.

It is best taken on an empty stomach a little while before eating allowing the enzymes and nutrients to enhance the utilization of the regular food that is eaten.

It is recommended to begin lightly using only 1/2 to 1 liquid ounce. Many users like to “chase the shot” with a drink of water or juice. After adjusting to the effect, the amount can be increased gradually. Therapeutic doses are 2 ounces twice a day and some therapies use more and also include enema infusions of 4 ounces in a comfortable amount of water.